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Most people think that with more space, they'll be more organized. Many find out, however, that despite the space, walk-in closets can quickly become a mess. The actual advantage of a walk-in closet is the number of options you have to help you organize the space, and MSA Contracting can help you pick the best options to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our walk-in closet organization in Pittsburgh, PA.

The beauty of the walk-in closet is the staggering range of design options. Your closet should be designed to fit your lifestyle in a way that allows you to effectively manage the space. Take a good look around your space before you start working on closet organization and make a note of what's getting in your way. If you notice that laundry strewn about, consider a tuck-away laundry bin that can be stored discretely to alleviate the mess. If your problems are ties or shoes, consider a tie or show rack. Is there a lot of unused space because of t-shirts, slacks, jackets, or skirt hanging on a long-hang rack? You can effectively double that space with a half-hang rack.

Walk-In Closet Organization, Pittsburgh, PA

Handling the Miscellany

Closet drawers and shelves can help your organize all the "stuff" sitting around your closet. With walk-ins, your options are endless and you may be just a few drawers and shelves away from organization. Start by organizing everything in piles according to how you will be organizing your closet and take an inventory of the space needed for each pile. This will help you determine the types of closet accessories you need. We'll add shelves, clothing rods, show racks, and cubbies for accessories. We also have tie and belt carousels and hooks for hats and jackets. You can even include a dresser or shelves, built right into the closet. You could even add a bench or chair for getting dressed, or perhaps an island to store accessories and a full-length mirror to check your appearance. Contact us and we'll help you make the right decisions.