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Organizing Options by MSA Contracting

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Home Office & Desk Organization

Optimize your workspace with our home office organization solutions that complement any workflow. MSA Contracting offers almost limitless options custom designed to suit any space. Whether you need desk organization options or you're looking to optimize an entire room, we can help.

Home Office Organization

Office organization is about having a place for everything, from your files and paper supplies to reference books and magazines. Keep essential items on your desktop—computer, phone, card files, and to do lists. Make your office a more productive and inviting place to work. Files, paper, technology, cables, data, and other office accessories need a home - whether you work from a traditional or home office.

Home Office

Optimized Desktops

Use a variety of desktop organizers or trays to organize papers that move across your desk. Don't let them get cluttered with "old" business, but make sure that anything on your desk is for immediate processing. Clear off the top of your desk and wipe off the surface of your desktop regularly. Empty your workspace of everything except the project that you are working on to eliminate unnecessary distraction.

Desk Drawers

Clean out your desk drawers to free up valuable space. Organize your desk drawers for specific tasks and filing. You might want to have separate drawers for work and personal business.

Shelves, Cabinets, & Organizers

Shelves and cabinet storage space are essential to a well-functioning office environment. Marking the shelves and cabinets with their function is a good way to keep a busy office in order.

Filing Systems

Keep filing systems simple and easily manageable. Mark everything clearly and try not to keep duplicate records. Do not overstuff folders and files. Color coding is a good way to find information that you need faster. Sub-divide large folders into files with interior file folders. Remember to file at the end of every project.

Other People In Your Home Office

Most of us that have the convenience of a home office also have the inconvenience of other people in the household infringing on our office space. In some cases, it is simpler to accommodate those individuals rather than fight over the space. For adult infringement, you might consider allowing a second workspace or allowing specific spaces and specific times that they can utilize it, keeping their "stuff" away from your important work. For small children, dedicate a small space that they can use. Children like to have their own drawer or shelf containing paper, pens, and related books that they can read. A small children's desk may be inexpensive and worth the investment to keep your child busy with their "own work" while you get yours done.