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Keeping your children's rooms organized can be a nightmare, but MSA Contracting can help you sort through the chaos. It's always good to help you kids get and stay organized. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes parents make is thinking that they have to do everything for children. In most cases, if you give your children the right space and tools to for children's closet organization, they'll learn to take care of it themselves. Contact us today to learn more about organizing your kids' closets in Pittsburgh, PA.

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Helping Your Kids

What can you do to help your kids get organized and stay that way? Depending on their age, there is a wide range of tips that can help. Your first step is to provide a good example with your own organized space, then get them involved in organizing their own personal space. Once they're organized, your children will be much happier because they can find their toys, games, and all of their school memorabilia. In the beginning steps of organization, kids will enjoy a feeling of accomplishment and pride in their space. Once the task is complete, recognize the accomplishment and effort.

Young Children

For young children, you can make a game out of organizing toys and clothing, or you could simply go through their clothes and get rid of anything that doesn't fit, isn't worn, or they don't like. You can give them away or take them to a child's consignment store. Next, organize their play and school clothes so they can easily get dressed in the morning. Make it simple and quick to get going in the morning and you'll give yourself an extra couple of minutes in the morning. Additionally, place a hamper in the closet for dirty clothes and consider a built in toy chest or extra shelves to help them clean up after themselves. A shoe rack goes a long way toward avoiding the infamous "find the other shoe" game. A second close bar at a lower level can help young children reach their own clothes, as well.

Older Children

For older children the key is to see their needs and customize the storage around those needs. A young person that likes to read will need a lot of shelf space, while young athletes will need storage for sports equipment and shoe racks to organize their athletic shoes. Young dancers might want full-length mirrors to practice their dance moves. For young adults, a pull-out ironing board might help for those "I'm running late and my clothes are wrinkled" days. Tailor the room organization strategies to best meet the needs of the occupant.